Women on Boards

Women on Boards (WOB) is an independent and action-oriented social enterprise with a proud history of supporting women to leverage their professional skills and experience into non-executive-director and other board level roles.

Our solution: 

Trusting in our strategic vision, we created an advanced digital platform with Kentico EMS to support the growing WOB online community dedicated to equal rights. This digital experience is highly engaging and is designed to inspire, inform and educate women across the region to reach their full potential.

The site also features tools such as the resource centre, media centre, events and programs, advertised board positions, an extensive eCommerce portal, and social channels. Regionalised sites across Australia and the United Kingdom have also been rolled out.

The impact:

The WOB site is the largest online professional female community in Australia with more than 35,000 members since the launch, regularly engaging with the brand, and each other. 

"Women on Boards engaged BambuDigital to transition two existing websites and backend system to a single platform; to introduce digital capability and to provide a stable and flexible foundation for the future. Many complements have been received from Women on Boards members about the look and feel of the website. Bambu have been assiduous in fixing the inevitable problems that surface once new  infrastructure is deployed. " - Ruth Medd, chair Women on Boards  

Visit the site

*WOB is selected as one of the top 10 Kentico website June 2016, click here